Jason and Ustas

Updated: April 9th
Language: Russian

The site that was started as an American diary of Anya and Alex and now turned into a set of short essays that in any way reflect our impressions of living in America.

New!Some more old stuff added

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Anya Moukhina

Updated: July 10th
Language: Both

Not that anything's working there, but hey! I got this domain Moukina.com, so I've got to put some link to it.

(And I've made a dropdown menu too.) Anyway, the layout seems to work and I will write here as soon as I post anything meaningful.


Alexandre Ognev

Updated: July 11th
Language: Both

Hey guys check this out!

 It doesn work and looks funny too, but still there is a nice photo of me Anya made, and she has also drawn a burning logo with my lastname. So who cares about the content?


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Other resources

Dance Center

Updated: Feb 10th
Language: English

Website made by Anya for the latest dance show at Kirkland Performance Center.

Finance tool

Updated: not yet
Language: English

Articles on market research.

is one of a kind online resourse that gives you a quick and easy access to some websites created by and for Anya and Alex.

Contrary to a popular opinion (despite the common opinion), expressed in the J&U guestbook by Mysh, Anya and Alex weren't just fooling around. They worked on some new projects.

Anya made a website for her dance studio
Alex keeps on making quality fashion photos with local models. (and Anya!)
Alex works on a sophisticated tool for stock market analisys .
And Anya makes this ognev.com portal! :)

And all this is soon gonna be available here at ognev.com!