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Ars Longs Vita Brevis

Ars Long Vita Brevis.

Anna Moukhina was passionate about painiting, drawing, and sculpture ever since she was a little kid. She studied art in one of the best art schools in Russia - the Surikov Art Academy. She was schooled in classical painting and drawing but she alsow liked to experiment with form and colour. 2009 works represent the widest veriety of technique and materials. This was the year Anna rediscovered some of the clay work. Also, due to her health issues she had to seek art form that would allow expression with limited mobility. This was when she discovered art books and colored pencils. This period exibits less use of classical form and more expressiveness and symbolism in her art work.
All this text is nothing but a bullshit. Who am I to understand the true work of art. Take a look.


India Trip

Added new pictures from summer of 2010 trip to India. I was invited to a weding of my good friend Abhishek and his lovely bride Prerna. The wedding was spectacular. I also managed to do some sightseeing while I was there. Visited quite a few temples, monuments, ruins, mosques, markets. Saw Taj Mahal at sunrize. Got some money stolen from me at largest market in Asia. See it yourself.


Singapore Trip

Went to Singapore this winter for business. Liked it a lot. The city amazingly combines asia with modern western-style business life and busy financial district sits rigt next to the touristy waterfront with restaurants, bars, ahd hookah lounges.
It was totally worth a 24 hours trip. Hope to come back soon.

Collages by Natalia Affanasieva

Lorem Ipsum Para Bellum A friend of mine young talanted artist Natalia Affanasivea works in a very interesting technique of collage. Using scraps from old and new magazines she creates unique and very intense images.

Alex Ognev

Hi! My name is Alex (Sasha) Ognev. I like to travel and take photos. This website was created to share great art work of Anna Moukhina and photos that I took. Facebook is great but they have restriction on picture size which is too small given modern screen resolutions.